Christmas Around the World!

  • In Switzerland, Santa squeezes through the doggie door.
  • In Sweden, Santa flies with a beautiful stewardess, Alma, who leaves milk and cookies for the children.
  • In Belgium, Santa busts in through the kitchen window. In the morning, children find rock candy among the broken glass.
  • In German folklore, Rudolph is towed behind the sled as a warning light.
  • Children in southern Italy leave a tumbler of red wine for Santa. The wine-stained coaster is then hung as an ornament on the Christmas tree.
  • In Bulgaria, Santa sneaks in through the cellar and steals the coal from houses with bad children.
  • In Las Vegas, Santa doesn’t say “Ho Ho Ho!” but rather “Hey Hey Hey.”
  • According to Russian folklore, if children stay up and try to catch a glimpse of Santa, he transforms into a terrible bear who devours them.
  • In Venezuela, children tip Santa 10% of their allowance.
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