3 Famous Ghost Trains

  • The Super Chief Limited. Left Chicago on October 15, 1932, headed on its usual run for Los Angeles with a crew of 23 and 207 passengers. Two days later the train was found on a siding in Joliet, engines idling and in perfect shape, but the engineers, conductors and all passengers had vanished. The tables in the dining car were still set for dinner.
  • The 4:12 to Birmingham. On March 23, 1887, the 4:12 to Birmingham left London’s Charing Cross Station on its usual run, expected to take two hours. Three days later the train inexplicably pulled into the station in Bergen, Norway, empty of all passengers. A fresh pot of tea was neatly set on the counter in the club car. The only person aboard was the engineer, who was suffering from amnesia and would utter just one word: “Ocelot.” He was placed in a mental asylum in East London and never spoke another word until his death in 1902.
  • The Alabama Troop Train. This wartime troop carrier left Biloxi, Mississippi headed for Fort Benning in Georgia on August 1, 1943. Almost one month later it was discovered, empty but otherwise in perfect condition, on a cotton farm near Mobile, Alabama. The soldiers’ packs and other luggage remained aboard, along with cigarettes half-smoked in ashtrays and open bottles of Coca-Cola (now flat). None of the soldiers or rail crew were ever seen again.
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