Famous Movie Boners

How many have you spotted?

  • In the climactic battle scene in Spartacus (1961), one of the Roman soldiers can be seen wearing a derby hat and spats.
  • During one living room scene of Three Men and a Baby, you can see the actor Ted Danson attempting to hang himself in the kitchen.
  • At minute 52:03:24 of the extended DVD of The Wizard of Oz, Mickey Rooney can be seen pummeling a Munchkin in the background.
  • In Custer’s Last Stand (1936), Custer takes one sugar with his coffee. In reality, he is known to have preferred three.
  • In Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Harrison Ford swims across open ocean to board a submarine. When it arrives at its island dock, the vessel has become a battleship.
  • In Marlowe (1972), James Garner’s car switches back and forth from an open convertible to a hard top limousine.
  • In Titanic (1996), Jack is a stowaway. In reality, stowaways were not permitted aboard the ship.
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