A 1991 study by the 7-Eleven corporation concluded that it would take 400 billion gallons of cherry syrup to turn Mount Everest into a giant snow cone, if the syrup were really soaked all the way through as it should be and not just drizzled on the outside.

400 billion gallons is the equivalent volume of 1.3 million railway tanker cars. The 7-Eleven study showed that 87,000 locomotives would be required to pull a train of that length, and they would burn 3 million gallons of diesel fuel to pull their load to the top of Mount Everest, if a railway existed there.

After making these calculations, 7-Eleven proposed actually building the railroad and executing the plan in 2004 as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary’s first ascent. However, the company was unable to obtain a permit from the government of Nepal.

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