Ike Turner fronted a very popular rhythm and blues band in St. Louis known as the Kings of Rhythm in the late 1950s.

At the time, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel had just had their first hit, “Hey Schoolgirl,” under the name Tom and Jerry. Turner was so impressed by the quality of Garfunkel’s voice that he pestered him for a year until Art finally agreed to come out to St. Louis to audition. Turner’s other bandmates were so disturbed by his fascination with Garfunkle that they arranged to have a young woman named Anna Mae Bullock sing for the band during a live performance.

By the time Garfunkel arrived, “Li’l Anna” (later name changed to Tina Turner) was the voice of the band, and Art had to turn around, go back to New York and ask Paul Simon to take him back. Musical history was forever changed.

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