Popular Personal Ad Abbreviations

GTFL Goth-type ferret lover
LBC Loose but crazy
FFFF Faux foreign film fanatic
CMUM/CED Can’t make up mind/Can’t ever decide
CCBWP Can’t commit, but will pretend
FSM Future soccer mom
NKK No known kids
PR Persistent rash
HMLD Hated Mom, loved Dad
LBO Lip biter (own)
LBY Lip biter (yours)
EOS Eats over sink
TG Tattoos galore
TASMER Try to avoid staring at my eyebrow ring
OAW Obsessing about weight
DPPFD Does pushups prior to first date
WPLS Will pretend to like sushi
AHW Annoying half-whistler
PS Panicky swimmer
35AD Thirty five and desperate
HC Heavy cologne
DLAMC Don’t look at my chin
NGWJ Not good with letters
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