Salvador Dali’s Golf Scores

In 1957, Life magazine asked surrealist Salvador Dali to take the nicknames of golf − birdie, bogey, and so on − and rename them according to his whim. The results:

-3 Cow’s eyeball
-2 Slept
-1 Instant coffee
even Purgatory
+1 Carburator
+2 Plinth
+3 Rodriguez
+4 Chocolate bar

Dali was a passionate amateur golfer, although critics claimed he was just fond of the outfits. He often played rounds with Bob Hope; the pair were known as “the mouth and the moustache.”

Dali also gave Hope’s friend Bing Crosby his nickname of Der Bingle. Crosby later died of a heart attack on Dali’s home course in Seville, Spain, while waiting for Dali to draw a commemorative doodle on the scorecard after both had putted out on the 18th green.

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