The 10 Most Depressing Novelty Songs of the Great Depression

On the 50th anniversary of the Great Crash of 1929, a poll of music historians selected the 10 most depressing novelty singles released during the 1930s. They were:

  1. Potatoes, Peanuts and I (Live in Dirt)
  2. Hoover’s Making Eyes at My Sister
  3. Soles Full of Holes, Hearts Full of Tears
  4. I Sold My Suspenders to Patch Up My Pants
  5. 100 Apples for One Thin Dime
  6. That Sears-Roebuck Icebox Holds a Whole Lot of Air
  7. There’s Nothing in My Pocket But I’m Glad to See You Anyway
  8. Has Anybody Seen My Shawl?
  9. I Hocked My Liver in Old Chinatown
  10. Just a Little Breadline for Two
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