The Patriotic World War II Songs of Irving Berlin

A popular songwriter during World War I, Irving Berlin “re-enlisted” during World War II, cranking out hit after patriotic hit. His feel-good tunes from 1941-45 included:

  • We’re Giving that Sinking Feeling to the Rising Sun
  • The Puttees that Daddy Wore
  • Here Comes Hitler’s Hearse, Hooray!
  • Oh! My Aching Dogs
  • Marry Me, Sgt. Machree
  • Let’s Give Rommel the Raspberry
  • Joe! You Made the Boots Too Tight
  • Flight Jackets and Silk Stockings
  • We’ll Have Breakfast in Berlin
  • Waltz of the Literary Ambulance Drivers
  • It’s Hard to Spell ‘I Love You’ in Morse Code
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