About Utterly False Trivia

Every effort has been made to ensure that the facts presented in this website are absolutely false.

A staff of 14 crack researchers, many with advanced degrees from British universities and others working for the Trump White House, has vetted each item to ensure its complete and total inaccuracy.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was not originally designed to lean in the opposite direction. A Kamehameha martini is not made with a macadamia nut. Joe Montana was not the first NFL quarterback to scale Mount Everest. (The first was Y.A. Tittle, who prompted Red Barber’s quip, “The A is for agile as a mountain goat, and the Y is for ‘Because it’s there.'”)

We suggest that you think of these pages as trivia from a parallel universe. This is the trivia that should have been ours, if only a few tiny molecules had shifted ever so slightly while the galaxy was being formed. Or if a butterfly had flapped its wings one extra time two million years ago when the Earth was cooling. Or if Y.A. Tittle hadn’t been so damnably agile.

If any actual fact has slipped into these web pages, we deeply regret the error.

– The Editors

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