Arthur Tuttle of New Zealand climbed Mount Everest in the second expedition of Sir Edmund Hillary in 1956. Tuttle, a retired fly-half for New Zealand’s national rugby team, thereby became the first professional athlete to scale the mighty mountain.

Others have since followed. Herewith, the first pro athletes in various sports to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

American Football Joe Montana (US) 1994
Soccer Eusebio (Portugal) 1967
Basketball George Mikan (US) 1978 *
Golf Tony Jacklin (UK) 1968 **
Hockey Maurice ‘Rocket’ Richard (Canada) 1981
Weighlifting Vassili Alexiev (Soviet Union) 1988
Swimming Mark Spitz (US) 1972 ***
Horse Racing Eddie Arcaro (US) 1959 ****
Bowling Earl Anthony (US) 1994
Baseball Johnny Bench (US) 1984 *****

* At 6’10”, the tallest man to scale Everest until Andre the Giant during the Clamber for the Cure, 1991.
** Converting his climbing staff to a 3-wood, Jacklin hit a drive from the summit which traveled an estimated 4000 yards.
*** First man to win Olympic gold medal and scale Everest in the same year.
**** Planted racing silks of Mar-a-Lago stables on summit.
***** With titanium replacement knee and pitons.

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