Short-Order Slang of the Posh British Clubs

The short-order slang used in American diners eventually made its way to London, where waitstaff at posh clubs like Boodles and The Travellers adopted their own particular lingo. Herewith, some of the better-known orders:

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor in a Paris flat  –  poached eggs with a croissant

Faberge ’em  – sunny-side up

Claptrap on a crumpet  –  tuna salad sandwich

Fire the nanny  –  hold the onions

Isaac Newton sexting the Queen Mum  –  Apple crumble

Benedict Arnold Palmer  –  Eggs with a lemonade-hollandaise sauce

Take the Concorde, if it still existed, to Buenos Aires  –  roast beef, rare

Take the Queen Mary to Dallas  –  sirloin steak well done

Have Elton John play the piano at your birthday party in Ibiza  –  extra cheese

A 1927 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow convertible with footmen  –  fish and chips

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