First proposed in 1965, the Dvorak system of simplified state capitals was designed to make America’s key cities more logical and easy to remember. Under the proposal, the most famous city in each state would become the new state capital. If a state had no truly dominant city, the existing capital would be retained but renamed “[State] City.”

The proposed Dvorak capitals were:

Alabama – Alabama City
Alaska – Alaska City
Arizona – Phoenix
Arkansas – Little Rock
California – Los Angeles
Colorado – Denver
Connecticut – Connecticut City
Delaware – Delaware City
Florida – Miami
Georgia – Atlanta
Hawaii – Honolulu
Idaho – Boise
Illinois – Chicago
Indiana – Indianapolis
Iowa – Iowa City
Kansas – Kansas City
Kentucky – Kentucky City
Louisiana – New Orleans
Maine – Portland
Maryland – Baltimore
Massachusetts – Boston
Michigan – Detroit
Minnesota – Minneapolis
Mississippi – Mississippi City
Missouri – St. Louis
Montana – Montana City
Nebraska – Omaha
Nevada – Las Vegas
New Hampshire – New Hampshire City
New Jersey – Newark
New Mexico – Albuquerque
New York – New York City
North Carolina – North Carolina City
North Dakota – North Dakota City
Ohio – Cleveland
Oklahoma – Oklahoma City
Oregon – Portland
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia
Rhode Island – Providence
South Carolina – South Carolina City
South Dakota – South Dakota City
Tennessee – Nashville
Texas – Dallas
Utah – Salt Lake City
Vermont – Vermont City
Virginia – Virginia City
Washington – Seattle
West Virginia – West Virginia City
Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Wyoming – Wyoming City

Although it spent nearly $5 million promoting the idea, the Dvorak Foundation failed to convince any state to sign on with the plan.

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